There are no facts, only interpretations. - Friedrich Nietzsche

You're mine I'm yours

If I've to handcuff your hands And tie you to the bed I will gladly do it You're not going anywhere For you are stuck with me endlessly You are my man And no other girl can take you away from me No! Because You B E L O N G S To me So look deep into my eyes As I feel your heart beating next to mine Now tell me I'm not the woman You want in your life Tell me I'm not the woman Who treat you as a king Tell me I'm not the one Who completes you full; give you unconditional love you never knew existed Two of us had our share of good and bad times Yet still We're tenacious as; R O C K S If I've to climb the highest mountain Just to be with you I would do it For me without you makes no sense So you are mine And I'm yours F O R E V E R M O R E

© JamaicanQueen


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