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The night of the full moon

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Gentle breeze brush'd us slowly Not cold nor warm, In that darkness you were mine surely And what a bond we form’d Your smile said kind Your touch so mild. Your eyes so direct on mine, as thou they read my soul You smil’d and wrapp'd me in your arms, Slowly we continu’d to stroll Fear'd nothing as you were my charm, And the moon...it shone brighter Afraid to let go, I grabb'd your hand tighter. Two became four…our shadows as companions We gaz'd at each other speechless, Perhaps we should have mark’d our spot with fanions Felt secure no more bleakness, Your sweet scent…unforgettable I indulg’d in the moment…I felt comfortable. Pull'd you close to me…my hands on your waist Our foreheads and noses…entwin’d, We took our time...dead was Haste That kiss!...made us blind, So perfect we didn't cease Your lips! Soft as a fleece. Time…oh! What an enemy ‘cause it divorc'd us, What it portray'd...was jealousy Putting an end to our buss, My hands missing your body That feeling…so sad and oddly.

© Thabaknee

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