In heaven all the interesting people are missing. - Friedrich Nietzsche

About Us

About the founder and developer of MyPoetryForum

Gregory G. Clarke

Greg is a profession software developer from Johannesburg, South Africa. As a kid his interest in computing started due to the challenge of getting those VGA DOS games to run! Most of his work has been in the banking sector, with his primary expertise being based on Java technologies.

Gregory on MyPoetryForum:

I believe that good poetry is fundamentally a verbalization of the human experience and search for truth. Because of it's nature I believe that the underpinnings of poetry hold a great amount of wisdom. It is therefore with pleasure that I provide a service to further the interest of anyone exploring English verse.

Sebastienne B. Conradie

Hi, my name is Sebastienne Conradie. I was born in South-Africa, but am currently living in the cold and dark Iceland with my beautiful Icelandic girlfriend and our son. I'm currently employed by CCP Games as a Software Engineer working in the EVE department on our shiny websites including,, and previously,

I am also the developer of MyPoetryForum, which I do completely in my free time, and have been doing so since around 2008.

On a personal note, I used to like playing the guitar (I probably still do), but haven't done so in quite some time. I also used to like writing poetry, but in retrospect, my poetry was never really good, and reading it now makes me look like an emotional teenager. I also haven't written any poetry in many years. In my free time I also like to play computer games (which probably caused this site to be delayed so long - but in my defense, it really is tiresome to work on web development all day, then come home and do some more...). I also like hanging out with my family and take long romantic walks on the beach. Sarcasm aside, who doesn't? Oh, how I miss the beaches in South-Africa... it's too cold here in Iceland! Lastly, I like bicycling, running, practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and watching MMA fights...

On a professional level, I like to focus on the meticulous details and make things work and work well, but to also add details that might sometimes get unnoticed. This is probably my gift and my curse, since I'm never quite happy with what I've accomplished, and tend to over-focus on the tiniest of things. I must be honest though that, regardless of this obsession with details, in web development, the occasional bug or typo always manages to seep through the cracks, so nothing will ever truly be perfect. I also like to make things look good, but, since I'm a back-end developer, I mostly struggle to make it happen.

From an aesthetic perspective on web development, I rather focus on implementation than presentation, and will seek quality alternatives to doing design work myself.

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