Recommend to your children virtue; that alone can make them happy, not gold. - Ludwig van Beethoven

I Want To

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Dear mysayphoz, ngizo bhala ipoem yami nge English. Dear all, I decided to tranlate my Afrikaans poem to English Please pardon the flow & rythm of the poem as I am not an English poetry writer. I want a drink I want fifty drinks I want a pipe and rock I want a line of meth I want ten shots of LSD Give me something. Anything! It's not easy I'm desperatly searching for something ....... anything I search, yearn, search, yearn for Enough to kill all my senses Enough to make me forget about this damnable pain The darkest dark, the blackest black, the deepest horrid hole. The Anger awakes from it's sleep and yells My nose makes it's way to the strong brown alcohol I smell the fumes that rises from the shiny surface of the glass. I hesitate a moment ...... When my nose touches the brown liquid, The lovely smell of the noted, The foul stench of hell! The Anger shouts, pick it up, pick it up The Anger shouts, drink it, drink it I have a decision to make ... a simple one Yes or No

© jls


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