The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. - Ludwig Wittgenstein


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no peace in this world just a socity of hate gun fighting battles inflicting fate people kill for religion their own wealth and greed its time now as a nation to plant a new seed and from this seed unleashed a tree we should see to stop war and haterd and mass poverty and the world should express each desicion thats made together no body should ever be afraid as equally triumphant we should all become the rich and the poor the smart and the dumb no more suffering just a new world to uphold a new life for the children a differnt story be told rich countrys come forward help provide for the poor to create a wonderfull land escaping from war second peom life's pain You could die today this moment or 2morrow U can cry out loud, alone, in happiness or in sorrow But the feeling that dwells as life goes on Makes a suicidal man in depression drop his gun You have to learn to love the people you hate Cause you never no of true tragedy as god predicts fate And although life’s hard it’s the biggest struggle There’s always some one to pick up the pieces because they love you We as the people withhold secretes inside Not willing to share what we have to hide The strengths and reps we try to uphold Wont stay strong as week they about to fold I’m not suicidal but I look forward to death In case of the fear of been the last one left We will all see this better day one man at a time God will let us meet pleasure before we have to meet harm The feel of an Eire presence that eats up inside Takes the pain away that id rather be dead than alive

© dream


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