The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. - Aristotle

Miscellaneous feelings

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Isn’t it amazing that a stranger will put A wide smile on my face, That I’ll take a woman I never knew to be my wife Live happily with her for all my life Isn’t it amazing that a woman of ten years, Will drop me for her childhood boyfriend from jail Or cheat on me with a taxi man Tell me, isn’t it amazing that I will cry for her After trusting wholeheartedly Seeing people suffer is like seeing Catholics at praise The feeling of fear and blur predictions at ease Am I to change my identity like Pastor Mase? This amazing life I’m living which to me is a piano Every note I play is an action for you to judge And with this I don’t need to justify anything When out of tune you turn away, this life, my piano The world awaits for my potential that my opposition Suppresses because of my color or my religion This isn’t any gender equality shit I was born in the streets where hunger is a uniform Where children are grown to rob, taught to hold a pipe Where women are objects for entertainment or stress balls Where sex is trade and conscious a slave My place of birth is a home to a million Who like me have lost identification and dream no more Sexually frustrated to cultural influenza, religion in bins Bins where we obtained our first meal this morning Fuck it I’m not going to stop till I clear my conscience This amazing life I’m living, this amazing threat Kids losing their virginity at three months Because of our confused sex stained miserable minds Boys violated behind closed temple doors by ‘holy priests” Women suffering our abuse of alcohol The fist of a lion in her poverty paled face Is this some other meaning of love, care or bullshit? this is part one, the best is yet to come...

© nature


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