The more you know the less you understand. - Tao te Ching

As I leave you

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Between stolen glances I see your soul Dancing my way Behind your eyes, A smile falters Upon your lips, Your touch hesitant Stealing glances Across my hip Your expectations Dim Sharing your rejections I feel your pains, For a second, Melting Let your touch be gentle Across my battered hips May your kiss be tender Caressing my bruised lips Those probing fingers Inside my derelict soul I gladly give you my happiness All the smiles I collected along the way The laughter that rocked my body Let the tears carry me forward Our pains making bittersweet sounds My carriage awaits Don’t delay my journey Fearing the worst I’ll take your pains with me Your sadness All of your tears I pass you heavy Pregnant on our sorrows Do you see me leave you I wonder Do you see me wave goodbye Smelling your hair as I float away Do you see me in deaths hands Submitting my will Knowing I left you pure Rejoicing with our joint happiness Your last few seconds with me Pure ecstasy My last glance at you Full of sweet Tender pain.

© Dreams


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