The concept of an open society is based on the recognition that people act on imperfect knowledge and nobody is in possession of the ultimate truth. - George Soros

Words with venom

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Worthless words baked into cute disguise, Garnished with labels and smileys that lie! Tons of words simply dumped into this world, These handouts of garbage; all marketed waste; Far from their heart, but designed to charm; To impress the audience and exploit their heart. Emotions are faked, as pastime or game... Like, iron plated with gold, these poison are sold! People of trust, face the worst at the end... When characters they loved, turn into powders of rust. Badly they fall; slipped by this deception; Into this chasm of never ending thoughts... Wondering about, what the world has become! Being social we say, forgetting the ethics! I’m friendly they say, shattering all boundaries!! Corrupt till the meaning; but spiced up with lie... Masking their heart; but painting a smile. Digi-chats we talk; simply, used to lie; Faith as they mock; killing inside!! It’s a sore in my heart; but time shall heal Shattered my trust; Now, Now! That’s the big deal.

© Ramvinojen Narayana Perumal


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