We dance around in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows. - Robert Frost

If Time Had Stopped

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If time had stopped, where you stood and waved, A hint of a smile that couldn't be erased, and we forgave each other. Like, old friends reuniting. Old stories to tell and old feelings long gone, You knew while I couldn't figure it out, as a bystander I heard the news. I had treated life like a dream, and you were a form of reality as you stepped right in. You taught me about the things I had never imagined to do; What scared me and seemed strange to me. Like a dream, you disappeared, Beyond the mist that continued to cloud, blending into a nightmare – Smiling grimly, you waved at me good-bye. As you sank below the surface of the ground, I thought you’d rather fly. I stood there, and watched you lay in a place I imagined you to not. People mourned, and I observed. I was the zombie in the dream that passed too quickly. You were the one who passed by - and all of a sudden, time had stopped right then.

© AngelsL


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