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as the Sun set on that day so many years ago tears welled from swollen eyes come much too early and burned like fire against this child's heart it's aftermath a lifetime of growing anger and distrust unseen scar that overtook a once joyous soul I know ever more clearly as each year passes those that snuffed the light of hope on that day guided by greed and hate and threatened by harbingers of peace look at them grin in their victory slithering in their lust for war and power sacrificing their own humanity cowards everyone but I will find you the minute my heart ceases I will find you all for your undoing is in your failure to recognize that your souls your rotted, putrid souls shall live forever shall face the penalties of your actions before God and his true children I have lived with the knowledge that I will face you in death as will those whose dreams you turned to nightmares we know you we have always seen clearly through the lie we will forever haunt your bastard souls there is no escape from eternity

© Deckard


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