It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them! - Friedrich Nietzsche

Before the sparks

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It was dark that moonless night When from us all went the power, No artificial suns to shine And in my mind I climbed my tower. From the dark the lights all came To shine, reminding they were there, Watching as we carried on To live in hatred, greed and fear. Upon the bowers of my tower I saw my life stretched out in years, The memories strong in permanence Etched in the songs of many tears. As countless as the stars may be Each one hummed their own regret, A love forsaken, a risk ignored, The appetites subdued when they were whet. Before the sparks set life to motion Once more on the electric screen, I took their sadness within myself To never live with love unseen. The stars they faded once more away But inside my heart was life anew, To shine in minutes that create new hours, To live before I say adieu.

© menoh


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