The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. - Plato

I still can't

I still can’t see your picture without crying, Probably never will. My grandson gone, Too damn soon. I don’t care what went on behind your closed doors, You’re my grandson gone, Too soon. Dear God did I miss a day of protection prayers for my grandson’s life as he went everywhere, or did we not teach him to beware of the vultures and thieves at his back, or jealous friends the worse haters, they bop pass with a smile and a phrase “you my mans, then dap your hand with a half slick gaze. The streets are what they always been, The grim teacher of relevant lessons, with no creative tools just deadly weapons. Students full of lead following fantasies of the dead to be legends, in their own head. They’re really thieves that steal the dreamers, steal from our own race and leave us all grieving. Days, months and years will pass but just the other day I heard you say I love you Poppy always. My grandson, my love Gone too soon. 1999-2017

© shelco21206


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