Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself. - Friedrich Nietzsche

A Life

What is a life? Is the beating of a soft red pump And the movement of air in and out Enough, or is there more? Is the governing consciousness a life, Does it matter more than the multitude Of individuals that make up the great city That is a human, or is each it's own life? As I lean here looking at the sky Wondering if the world would know I was gone, I ponder, do I have the right? Would you kill ten million souls To topple a government of but a handful, If I define my life as helping Make a difference, making things better, And if my efforts amount to nothing, Is believing in your individuality enough Even if that belief exists solely within your own mind, Does it define a life? Maybe, just maybe, life is not defined But still I wonder, how to make the best of my life When I fail to understand what life is This is why I write So my Journey is written One poem at a time So someday, when I inevitably Succumb to the law of time My Journey will help someone else Define their life

© Mental Journey


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