A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

Dreamscapes, Dali and Surrealism, too #1

And what is this- the stuff of dreams? Is it a gateway to the subconscious, as we've been told or merely a jumbling of thoughts and images some undecipherable, nocturnal unraveling of the mind, the self? Is it a frenzied flight of fancy, often quasi-realistic? And as for me, myself, dreaming I have flown soaring and suspended and I've also reversed time, journeyed through borderless dimensions of Heavens and hells. I've attained wealth, seen wars and struggled for peace. I've visited exotic locales some terrestial others not... and I've found what I lost spoken with the dead, those dear ones departed. Awake, this would be deemed delirium, a dangerous psychosis. But in sleep, eyelids fluttering dreaming is natural and necessary. Even dogs dream paddling their feet, twitching occasionally. And I wonder are dreams truly a wish that the heart makes? But then, what of nightmares?... Or is this all like a running reel of our hopes and fears worries and wishes triumphs and terrors? Is this dreaming some sort of pschological confetti? a melange of memory- just another of the brain's many, mysterious marvels?

© azure warrior

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