Among twenty snowy mountains, the only moving thing was the eye of the blackbird. - Wallace Stevens

Where it all started

When the figure is no longer lying there When his water's been washed down the drown The stain is no longer anywhere to be seen It's been removed by last nights rain But the sadness I felt still lingers on After all this time it's still here with me I can still see it all as clear as back then It is my earliest memory(Of Dad) It was the day I first learned all about love And a whole lot of other things It troubled me then as I did'nt understand About human frailty and the sadness it brings It has haunted my dreams for many many years As it did when I was a child I simply could'nt make any sense of it all So I just kept it all hidden inside I had no idea what it was I was feeling I have a much better understanding nowadays Pity, compassion and an undying love It's there now and will be always A childhood memory from when I was four years old I doubt if anyone but me really knows Just what it is I am talking about After all it is so long ago

© acerewire

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