Among the great things which are to be found among us, the Being of Nothingness is the greatest. - Leonardo da Vinci

​The Light (Has Gone Out Of My Life)

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Today, I unexpectedly said goodbye to someone I dearly loved So sudden was her passing, I felt like crying in anguish to the heavens above However, I didn't, the memory of her clinging to me, like a fist to a glove Instead, I reveled in the thought of me being with her in spirit right this very moment She left this world giving birth to our child, a beautiful daughter Whom I've decided to name after her recently departed mother I believe it is best to do so, it keeps alive the memory of her Ensuring that her spirit is around us, and just as ever, it is as important Today, I also said my goodbyes to the person who brought me to this world - my mother My eyes may be without tears but my spirit cries, she was certainly like no other I could come to her with anything, she was that carefree, with delicacy she couldn't be bothered And now, I find myself assaulted by a myriad of questions, upon the loss of this incredible pillar of strength My beloved wife - so beautiful, lovable and pretty as ever My mother - I remember holding me in her lap and shushing out me a high fever Both of them, their spirits, i will keep them in my memory forever (c) Zux The Poet. All rights reserved.

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