Woord wek woord en wederwoord en die gedig ontstaan dan ensovoort. - DJ Opperman

Let in the Light, Let in the Love

Today, during a time of quiet contemplation I recalled 3 simple metaphors, which comes from my reading- from various books on spirituality, philosophy. And now, I think of how they are in tune with my own beliefs, how they are parables of sorts, timely seeds of wisdom- so very apt for today's world... The first, is to imagine a bicycle's wheel- the spokes separating at the rim, while coming together at the hub. Think of this as symbolic of humanity, with the center (our hub) as the heart, as Christ within- a residual core of goodness- a whisper of the Spirit. There, we are one united, harmonious though the further we move outward (and away) the more an apartness occurs- division separation. Second, is the human hand- a miracle in itself, not only for its grasping abilities (shared by all primates) but also for this- a remarkable simplicity brought about through the difference in muscles, flexing, contracting... Open in innocence and supplication giving and receiving- caressing... Or- closed in a fist menacing and hateful. Finally, third and last, picture a room bare, cold and dark yet it has a window the shades are closed, heavy drapes drawn... Outside, the sun is radiant and warm and a vibrant panorama exists where birds are chirping plants growing, lush and green flowers are resplendent with their stunning hues, but inside the air is sickly stale doom and depression prevail. Still, the drapes can be pulled aside the shades opened (the window too) and freshness let in, life welcomed... It is the same with Love, with God and our heart He is always available, always ready if only we give Him access- let Him in. Summing up, I think of the beautiful promise of the lion lying down with the lamb and though I don't want to doubt, I wonder- how can it be, and when? For even within our own species we haven't achieved peace. Instead, we still fight (and bitterly) over borders colors and creeds class and gender the differences in abilities, politics, preferences... Distinctions yes, insignificant, truly. So let us now remember 3 humble metaphors- a bicycle's wheel (that central hub) the human hand (an open palm, not a fist) and a formerly dark room- the window flung open light pouring in.

© azure warrior


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