The ideas that have lighted my way have been kindness, beauty and truth. - Albert Einstein


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Frontier Endless Eons the desert, beautiful, ethereal though dangerous. Starkly striking with its sentinel sierras and dull dun dust. Here, ancient Apache phantoms and gunslinger's ghosts mingle midst ramshackle shanties in colonias of startling squalor. This is Land's End (not the clothing company) just sun scorching summer skin and in winter a cold that permeates bone... And small creatures skitter about 'mongst brambles and burs like beetles and stone-colored lizards. So seemingly barren, God-forsaken fit for but bandits and thorns this is a harsh land, not for the weak but I understand its bounty, its mystical allure I know the dazzling blooms starry skies and coyote's plaintive wail and how prophets have sought solace here, a quiet contemplation refuge, rest. Yes, the desert gives to those who'll receive.

© azure warrior


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