Happiness is not achieved by the concious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities. - Aldus Huxly

no wine to the highgate store just go like me

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no wine to the highgate store just go like me 11.07.18 one of the first to greet not a good poem but a essay done my home work so sweet did learn about the chardonnay reading your message it did with one reminisce highgate can open or close the passage love turns to hate then to bliss. not welcome are some that's why out went the candle poetry flowing to and from kingdom-come it was to progressive to handle. not sure of your circumstances you state unforeseen could pour a million instances never hating the village scene. wishing you all the best highgate village is hard to succeed it feels like a screwdriver is going in my chest but no wine just get up write and read.

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