Work as though you would live forever, and live as though you would die today - Unknown


In Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine food, illnesses, even the body's internal organs all are divided, classified as either hot or cold- dualities distinct, yet working together - a yin/yang of sorts, denoting more than temperature more than the sensory. And while these are difficult concepts to Western thinking I do understand at least, the connection between inflammation and heat and with food- the coolness of melons, - the proverbial cucumber, - that fire in certain peppers. And now, my thoughts turn to -spices and savory seasonings to the heat found in Indian, Mexican and Southeast Asian cuisine. Myself, I not only tolerate but prefer that bite- a fiery tang that little something added to liven things up- never bland a sharp contrast to- the neutrality of bread and potatoes the mildness of milk... So bring out the sauces, and salsas let them match that vibrancy of color found in costumes, and embroidery the sassy reds and yellows, the blazing oranges, shocking greens... Yes, turn up the heat- in flavors and temperature (both tropical) and the music, too- sultry, sensual and loud! Throw in some garlic perhaps a jalapeno or brighten with the matte gold of curry- with paprika's crimson kick.

© azure warrior

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