The ultimate result of shielding man from the effects of folly is to people the world with fools. - Herbert Spencer


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I have loved with a passion that has never been quenched burned more times than I'd care to admit, would I venture again hell yes! in a heartbeat, in a blink of an eye as there's nothing more powerful than love pure love real love lasting love love that goes the distance, regardless few have tasted this rare elixir untold poets have written for eons and then some does it exist? ask a couple together for decades they will tell you without hesitation, absolutely, yes! although it's not easy commitment is crucial far too many give up just before the answer arrives long nights silent screams difficult days, weeks and months over the years, looking back in retrospect understanding they were well worth it this love they shared every tear shed every fight fought, all those times, they were certain they would end dark years and yet, holding on for no one else could touch their hearts caress their soul, like the only one for them tell me again, I'm the only one tell me again, you'll try make me believe you mean it this time make me believe you're mine ...

© alisajs


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