Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish. - Albert Einstein

Never be the same

I rise like the sun.. A new day has begun I've cried with the rain But the wind blew me back again I swam across the sea and the waves rolled over me I strolled across the land And the tree of life shook my hand... I danced with the stars and the moonlight touched my heart... I ate fruit from the trees and the fountains...... they cleansed me then I saw you standing there Your beautiful eyes and wavy hair You said.... take my hand and you'll never be the same again... OH And I've come this far... in finding peace I've come this far... and I won't look back I've come this far.... can you see... And I know this time.. I'll never be the same... So I search this land and sea and find my place meant to be.... Take the the highs with the lows and go where I want to go... GO WHERE I WANT TO GO... And I've come this far.... In finding peace... and I won't look back... *This is from a song I wrote.... finding yourself, and beautiful people along the way.

© William Cronk


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