The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. - Albert Einstein

Ticket to Death station

“Good evening” a shallow voice broke “Hello, may I be of any assistance?” Again…that voice broke A quivery voice…signifying hesitancy “ticket…for…one…uhmm…” Sighed the teller and quickly glanced at his left wrist “to Death station" broke out “excuse me!” said the teller…with a frown on “death station" with certainty “And how long is the trip?” Puzzled the teller thought in blanks. “and make it first class please, this one shall be special" The voice continued. “mental depression?” the teller thought And final asked “where would like to go?” “Death station” a hoarse assured voice said “premeditated sui” “hold it right there!...finally! someone deciphered my thoughts! help me get there” “go to church…uhmm…find something to do…play chess…join a mental depression society …uhmm you need help…” “well I've been a loner No one to open my chest too…uhmm maybe you can teach me chess… hold my hand during breakdowns…please be my hue!

© Thabaknee


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