All the great pleasures in life are silent. - George Clemenceau


Happiness! Truthfulness, Simpleness Satisfaction and fulfillment. She asked where she can buy it? I told her it’s free, it cannot be bought. A frame of mind If you know where to find. Enjoying my handiwork Every time I go to work Working my way through My dream then came through I can sleep without any sleeping pills To make me forget about the real life twists. Breaking down those inflexible barricades And doing the irregular escapades. Smiling when nothing goes your way Giving yourself hope that good will come a day Feeling free with no insecurities Acknowledging every short comings. A feeling I get when I see your face The love of my life is at our place. Knowing that I am loved Even when I am not around. Meeting your child for the first time So tiny and so fine. Feeling at peace with yourself You have done the best for yourself. Happiness! So subtle like the breeze Hold it fast within your heart when you feel it. It can be portrayed in so many different ways; Hope it never goes away when it comes our way.

© Dainty


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