I'm a fabulous housekeeper; every time I leave a man, I keep his house. - Zsa Zsa Gabor


Eyes close And amidst hopeful concentration, Donned in the setting sun’s array, Dandelion seeds take flight, Carried by a mouth’s blow. View of many things God-given fades As every seed in the distance * Wishes * Lips whispering; quivering Coin in hand, then — plink. A penny’s copper face meets The surface of stagnant, algae-ridden water far below. A face peers down the well’s mouth, To no avail, Not a trace of the sleek coin. In the well’s cool musty depths, Every gift is hidden. In her dark recesses, As light fleeting, Every blessing’s forgotten. * Hands fold expectantly, Gaze locks on a shooting star. The heart’s aspirations Muttered under breath Secret longings, Never to reach a human ear. Trailing behind, Diffusing into the deep unpromising night sky, The star’s trail lingers only to vanish. With the tail, thankfulness ascends into Space eternal, Poof, Vanish. * Every heart’s discontentment Manifest in a wish, Must be let go. Whoosh, Lost in the wind. Plink, Abandoned in the dark depths. Let wishes, Testimonies of discontentment diffuse into the night sky, Ascend into space eternal, Poof, Vanish.

© Cesar


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