Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear. - Mark Twain

Sitting on the Bench in Morrisons

And now for something alittle more light-hearted: I sit upon the bench and think - A place to be! – Morrisons no less; Politics now is set aside, Escape from Trump and Brexit mess. Just to dream of heavenly things - Such happy faces piling through; Checking bills, packing bags, Kids and mothers* making do. Teabags and turnips, chops and cheese, Carrots and cabbage, pickles and pie; All safely packed and ready to go, Such happy faces pass me by! “Thank you for shopping at Morrisons….” “Please take your bags and go, go go….” For those who have not heard of 'Morrisons' it is one of the major supermarkets in the UK. Very thoughtfully it provides benches by the cash-points for those who just wish to sit and observe the shoppers come and go, or who wait to have their weekly shopping done for them, or who just wish to write.. or ....... *And fathers, brothers, uncles and sons (and the occasion Granddad….



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