Ten thousand fools proclaim themselves into obscurity, while one wise man forgets himself into immortality. - Martin Luther King Jr.

After Rumi and Humanity's Desires

I too, the same as everyone (or, is it- anyone?) whether Persian poet, Sufi mystic and all those existentialist seekers I too, have had my longings - some, oh, so primal while others uniquely my own... And as philosophers have lauded the sublime- such lofty goals as a union with God bliss and enlightenment I have learned the simplicity of Maslow's hierarchy of needs these basics of- safety, a sense of belonging... Though yes, when young I had hitched my hopes on the Beloved - someone to flesh out my wants and needs to quench that thirst yet today, but a pang remains- bittersweet memories and for many the Beloved is but a misty ideal - the stuff of poetry, ancient musings, desires disappointments. And I, disillusioned, yet not quite bowed- I've found my contentment in a semblance of quiet, the warmth of a pet, a corner to write - the comfort of just a little understanding...

© azure warrior


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