Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. - Mark Twain

Be young, again

Just allow me, to be young again So that I shall sing twinkle little star thru the glass as I’ll be waiting for a flashing star to wish upon, Which would be a peaceful sleep filled with playful moments at Utopia, And should no nightmares summoned spook in my sleep. Just allow me, to be young again, For nothing shall be of priority as things attached to my soul, Wild berry hunt, fishing, those Christmas clothes: you name it, For those episodes were packed with pure giggles, joy and tears when my soul yearned for candy. Allow me please, To go back to Sunday school which it value doesn’t equate to currencies to have graced this world, Take me back to the days where the mysteries of the Good Book weren’t anecdotes, To days where my prayers were based on gratitude for e'ery biscuit and Regal candy I mouthed. Just one more time, allow me, Just to appreciate and comprehend those feelings one more time, ‘cause for they were priceless, Pure friendships that held no motives either than cheerful and playful moments, Allow me to be dirty and not mind the mud once again ‘cause that was life, with no mouthing piles of bills.

© Thabaknee


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