We dance around in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows. - Robert Frost

Solomons nightmare at sunset.

There was never a night that began with loosing my angel in white.A halo over her head when we layed holding each other laughing in bed I would whisper in her ear i love you when she held me so close to her heart and grasp me with her soul ever so tight. I felt like a fool when i lost my dream girl she came to me at night dressed in a gown....Beutiful...perfect.. Divine.When god sent her as a beautiful dove i knew it was my true love at first breath first heart beat, first sight.Her eyes reminded me of a crashing wave at sunset when the light reflects from the bottom and sheens up threw the water ever so bright.A star shining threw heaven the first one you see next to a crescent moon light. I wake up shattered like a broken crystal wine glass shivering clasping my chest ever so tight. I long for her comfort evry noon and midnight. I will always love you my nightmate i miss. I always dream of her lips. A wish in a gift...that first kiss......bliss.

© King Solomon

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