Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought. - Basho


She hits you like lighting, Stopping you dead in your tracks. Leaving you wondering, where the hell you're really at. Her stunning brown eyes gives hint that there's more to share, Only abandoning anyone getting closer for their soul to be left bare. Her smiles are formally quite warm and gracious, But like the sun, too much, and your heart will be left well done. By the second act of things, she'll perform the hell out someone's heart, Making them feel guilty that their love isn't enough. Cold and calculating, like the Machiavellian that she is Vast and impetuous, like the late great, Mary Read Somber yet enduring like the hollowing vampire Lestat All these individuals mixed in a blender, And..well, You have her just like that. Her heart has bounds Her mind is sheer If you learned anything from this, You will gain nothing, But darkness, hatred, and fear.

© JamesTheStoic28


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