Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things. - Denis Diderot

Torch Singer...

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Had I the voice- (the opportunity, of course) and belonged to another era... to have become a torch singer, melancholy, pathos my song- a diva of pain draped in pearls, satin - a black-and-white vision from the 40's... Though now, I wonder why always, sorrow pulls me in- and how, just out of high school, I was though of as strange- still mesmerized by the Beatles' "Yesterday"... And my mothers records (in Hungarian at that,) fueled my brooding Yes, I remember all those long-dead balladeers... My song, it would bring tears- that good hurt- catharsis. It wouldn't uplift, nor inspire- wouldn't be a sappy, feel-good "La la la." Just darkness, grunge even... So dive right in, close your eyes as you lift your glass, drink up, sob and remember -- treachery.

© azure warrior

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