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Neil Peart - R.I.P

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Following the release of 'Moving Pictures' in 1981, I saw Rush in concert. I never missed a tour from that point on until they retired in 2015. I took girlfriends, buddies, then my wife and then all 3 of my kids when they were old enough. Neil Peart to me was the greatest drummer of his era as well as one of it's most prolific writers. Never seeking notoriety or acclaim, he remained in the shadows and continued to lead Rush into quiet immortality. Perhaps in his passing he will attain the accolades he avoided in life. I am devastated to hear of his passing, but happy for him that he will now reunite with his wife and daughter who preceded him in death. Rest in Peace Neil, and I hope you realized the joy you brought to the millions of fans who knew and will never forget your humility and immense talent. Fans who never met you, but like me, feel they have lost a dear friend. Neil Peart died recently after a long battle with brain cancer.

© Deckard


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