Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein

A Very Special Friend

My friend with autism Has a very special ability Only the good in the world does he see People say autism is a disability If everyone in the world had autism How safe and happy would we be His smile and friendship is so warm and true If he makes you one of his friends There is no way of measuring how lucky are you He is enthusiastic in every activity he partakes in He throws his all right from the beginnin He loves music, songs, dance and drama When he walks into a room he fills it with karma I was the luckiest man when he became my friend So my care for him will never end When he sees me he does a bounce while saying hello That infects your emotions to the point you forget any sorrow He likes comedians that use foul language and swear But to repeat there worlds my special friend would never dare He always asks how each of my family are, and if they are well And the fact that he really cares by his expressions on his face you can tell So if all the world was all like my special friend today There would not be any badness, or violence in any way So my friends autism to me is not a disability Its a very special talent that blessed with autism the whole world should be When I am depressed, down and feeling blue When I see him my mood lifts and I am set free like a animal from a zoo My special friends ability for music and songs from the 50s to today If we walk into a bar when music is playing he will start to dance the night away He loves cars especially classics, if they brake down there's nothing he carn' t fix So if you ever have the pleasure to meet a person with autism Don't back away but put out your hand in a friendly way

© reefaman


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