When I'm good I'm great and when I'm bad I'm better. - Maye West

Koki at Sea-World

Grey morning stains black fish blood upon concrete walls The gloom leads predawn blues down into empty wet halls Finds ominous shades set within reinforced glass tombs Oceanic scents still seep in from maternal Gaian homes The moon wanes up towards the zenith open for business And our dark figures circle in deep water tanks yet endless Orca-Rorschach inkblot reflects your face in human races Tracheal-cartilage crunched rips cranial shards baseless "Jump through pretty hoops, an important people are watching" Pump goes menstrual city, metal vessels tarmac veins pulsing Liquid life tranquil in trembling weaning fish commences Shadow upon the faces of the deep as seen from above traces Who will be whose friend when everyone is always in a tank Drifting upon galactic plane Koki the human Orca our prank Scent of Gaia summons but stuck we are in experimental vat Was it you I was watching when I found out that we are flying In paintings of animal faces by black and white flames scrying? See the multicolored pennant tape ripple by applauding fat.

© CuldeSac

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