Is sex dirty? Yes, only when it's done right. - Woody Allen

Spiky little Virus

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This is a lyric...someone is busy composing the music for it but I thought I'd go ahead and post it here anyway: Too busy living to see this one coming Spiky little virus with murder on its mind Evil intentions, it slaughters in silence Microscopic devil decimating mankind Throw the die, see where they fall Right side you’re saved But wrong side, you’re nothing at all Making decisions could change the future Spiky little virus with devious plans Men of distinction offer predictions Captains of countries dole out the bans Toss up a coin, high into space Heads, you’re in limbo Tails, you lose the human race Too busy hiding to take part in living Spiky little virus expanding its reach Keep to yourself, we’re told to stop giving Obey the new rules that scientists teach Lotto ticket, live or die Struggling to breathe Too difficult to say goodbye

© Dawn


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