We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. -Martin Luther King Jr

I am...

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I am- first and foremost a paradox an unusual blend melange of the old-fashioned, conservative, hypermoral - all juxtaposed with the radical, such a zenith of non-conformity. I am- someone sober and sensible usually quite sociable yet at times brooding - a loner. I am- utterly intense quiet and chatty frenzied and fiery unruly, relentless... I am- philosophical analytical eccentric, bipolar steady and zealous... truly all woman. I am- quirky as a cat - an enchanting enigma so multidimensional I seem complex though I'm actually straightforward. I am- stubborn yet yielding sensitive and stern meek and mild mightily mystical spiritual, not pious and yes, I've the artist's temperament though I'm never " typical." I am- simply " unique" - as are we all.

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