Ignorance, the root and the stem of every evil. - Plato

a swirling pattern compressed

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of compression one can say that an imprint is left so you can see the lattice shake under the tonnage of the mud bricks and covered brick by brick a fine collage drenched and seared with lime-cement to illustrate the animal faces of Incan, Aztec and Mayan swirled about in like-like modern drama with masks and make-up, hands up and straight-up. know that within the neutron star the black channels do quake in straight lines they bend and then break into black pools that to the end vibrate my friend one may instead of dissipate be summoned then into your mind's wake for its sheer tear in line they will tear asunder all of this chaos filled with evil laughter tumultuous mess i love you sweet caress

© CuldeSac


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