Ethical axioms are found and tested not very differently from the axioms of science. Truth is what stands the test of experience. - Albert Einstein

A rejected soldier

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A rejected soldier sitting at home , Cornered from modelling due to a little higher cheek bone delays of governance snatching his dreams to donne Greens in the jungle and whites in the snow, As it was too busy buying stupid anchors and ignoring lives of all those living in bunkers. I see some words flying in the skies, words of some leaders, all blatant lies. And so they claim, " no one invaded our territory" , its like they are laughing on dignity of country. We are angry, we grief and we fight SARS (SARS- Cov 2) and here are bloodsheds, nailed clubs and talks of wars. Some claim, "my life is worth more than yours", Others are saying, "our soldiers are superheroes". Well, soldiers are heroes and I do believe it madly , Still they are dying like you'll never see men wasted more badly. Trucks of deaths all-around as they burn, some were diseased, and some got martyrdom. But don't confuse it as it seems, eyes, sometimes lie hiding several mysteries. Because they didn't die, they were killed, these deaths were swapped for Yuan and Dollar bills. P.S. I hope you can go away from our land, waters and sand, Don't be stupid to look at us like Tibet or Afghanistan. New Sun is about to shine so bright that its insolation will pierce through your lying eyes , new songs have been written and we'll sing so loud that your ears will bleed and you'll never hear another sound. With your daft impersonation and all your forgery, It's about time we'd rise and clean our country.

© Priyadarshan


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