Drama is life with the dull bits cut out. - Alfred Hitchcock.

the orange in the pretty little night owl

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“What is the way to the abode of light? And where does darkness reside?" hi i am apathetic maybe getting some tonight my penis is attached to me i really like it emotionally "you are not apathetic you lie" i have seen it blatantly so yeah, i guess you can enjoy some sharpness but yeah sharpness = easily nicked and so things become dark aye i rationalize it all naturally why must i fornicate with specific leather arrangements on cranial devices? hammering it gives the same yield as before lies of drive "i haven't heard anything concrete yet" our point this place is just like a fractal piece turning in itself - it is truly empty this paper place is of no consequence what matters is what gets created in the higher understanding that goes on to a higher place this physical hole is just a stage that's why you find the human brain in this place "doesn't that break the fractality?" you would think it is amazing to find the brain here but the brain is not actually a big deal aye - the higher understanding uses more dimensions for conceptualization this place is binary the physical world is binary the sphere of higher understanding is not even any number it is what i call fluid i cant say infinite dimensions, wouldn't... be accurate really i can just tell you that it is fluid and not clunky like binary systems "we are fluid dumps" well think of it when you are evaluating a thing how many methods do you use to do this comparative reflective then you estimate that thing's worth the idea of it you have in your head "mostly, it's comparative" when is it not? do you compare the love for your father with the love for your mother? "that's not something i evaluate" everything is up for investigation when you sit there and crunch for long enough you will start to see that you do have a higher understanding of some things i think that's what this place is about it is a stage for higher understanding it is actually a miracle that we can live in this garbage place such a poor system binary but whatever is in this place is not of any consequence but there are things in this place of a higher order i think only consciousness can achieve higher understanding if you speak a word in this world - you send out information and the effects are linear "consciousness is a gateway to higher dimensions" the information channel you use and your message are in this place, you use understanding to command it and this understanding is also from this place but the observation over that is that of the higher understanding so for instance, if you existed in the higher dimensions and if you spoke a word there, in the information channel provided with your message - it is quite easy to imagine that you could say something like - let there be light and there would be light these things are the things i crunch when i walk Sonny i think this gateway is achieved through some quantum mechanics and it is a very good thing that we have not figured out how it works i think it would be like playing with fire to figure that out, honestly "i mean how does consciousness work even? that's the question above all" appreciation is key here appreciation is not emotional you can well appreciate anything without feeling hormonal about it so this is a good place to start we don't want emotions in such a technical subject when you think about it, it does not quite fit the portrait that I am trying to paint for discussion we must assume that we are quite apathetic and neutral though, you could see a lion and appreciate its hunting and killing skills you don't need to feel anyway about it but you can appreciate the lion for it being it AI could never appreciate and that is a solid statement, since we have separated emotions from it again, it is not simply a case of recognizing a lion "i disagree" it is - can you appreciate the lion? so internalization of some sort is key if i show you the sun up close can you appreciate it? is the emotion amazement? is amazement emotional? "its something done in hindsight" yes, sentience is done in hindsight the problem is see, we are using paper logic to try and grasp this thing of a higher order we have already determined that argumentative calculation is inferior so perhaps one should employ the consciousness to see its ... key a consciousness is curious base need it is constantly querying non stop at least the analyzer is i have this view that we exist of the analyzer and the interpreter the analyzer is probably your brain classical processes paper your neural network and what trains it the interpreter, though aka the watcher that is the consciousness -here appreciation takes place the analyzer creates an illusion for the interpreter to appreciate the analyzer is a machine and totally autonomous you can affect it with drugs and food it is biological the interpreter is very sensitive to the analyzer it is like a symbiotic relationship "analyzer is the dump" it is your processor that renders the paper feeds absorbs hormones renders you the illusion you call your life it is hard for you to separate yourself from the analyzer but certain drugs can help like mushrooms when i asked the thing why we are it kindly tried to appeal to my higher understanding by telling me something simple, but that the paper brain might think of as trivial if you understand this, you can start to understand why a god could love you so as his child the universe is drifting in a solid amount of chaos we must look very cute... so things get upset when you get angry and then you start getting nasty with other creatures of the higher order when you rape and eat them and torture them etc... it is an abomination in the music of actions so you go and you see the shade beneath the lord's wings, my friend there where you then find and see him in his sanctuary "you talking biblical now" the reason why these types of poems seem boring is because people of the modern age now fail to draw pictures any more and so they can not relate how can the conversation not turn religious if you see that existential issues are at hand if there is a higher order beyond this place to assume and if you agree that your being is real you should start humoring some prospects like a god how your meat-bag got here means nothing at all where humanity as a species are going means nothing what matters are these things happening in the higher order for they are infinite if a brick falls here or there, it is just a spinning fractal in conclusion and it will turn forever nothing happening here, mate and the calendar messes with your head, because it gives you a frame of reference but actually you are living 50 billion years in the past right now and you are also at the end of time “‘You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone adorned you: carnelian, chrysolite and emerald, topaz, onyx and jasper, lapis lazuli, turquoise and beryl. Your settings and mountings were made of gold; on the day you were created they were prepared..."

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