Ignorance, the root and the stem of every evil. - Plato

Job's plea

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You're standing next to me and you can't hear me calling My body is going limp and I feel like I'm falling. There are things in my head, I can't understand Can you please help me out and give me a hand? Inside I'm crying and yelling but you still can't hear My eyes are flooded with water from all these tears. Please help me calm down, I don't know what to do There are voices in my head that are telling me adieu! My body is burning and I am out of control I feel like I'm dying, O Lord save this soul. I'm slowly giving in and I am wasting away I can't fight it anymore there's no more delay! The end is very near and all my fears are coming true I must face my judgment and let my body subdue If I lived like Jesus according to His will I am not afraid anymore, so my soul, be still!

© Eon

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