Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Goodbye Dear Friend

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Goodbye dear friend. You’ve left this tragic story Whose twisting plot I’ve failed to comprehend- New chapters once foretold of hidden glory, But now are bleak reminders of the end. The only truth of which one may be certain Assails the heart with terror and surprise- The fading glow, the closing of the curtain, The final breath and flutter of the eyes. The gales of grief diminish temporally As barren deserts rise to take their place, My feet propel me onwards, though just barely, As dormant tears return to wet my face. The bouts of pain, ineffable emotion, Like specters in the gloaming take their form Then fade as waves into the stoic ocean, Whose shapeless voids give respite from the storm. I gaze into a world with flesh still throbbing Submerged within the shadows cast by time- They promise me, the din of mortal sobbing Shall disappear with one predestined chime. Goodbye dear friend. My heart is still your dwelling So long as it is beating in my chest, How long will we reside there? There’s no telling For in this world, I too am but a guest. Our mortal fate is calling from a distance And makes me crave that nascent glow of dawn- So grasp its light and grasp this very instance For it is all you have! … and now it’s gone.

© gene16180


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