Cast a cold eye On life, on death. Horseman, pass by! -W.B. Yeats

the swan letting

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i remember the rainbow center it looked like a cubic place unfurled from behind the curtain all the colors i know of were splayed in slumber the scene cut split in half to reveal the glimmering gem in the middle the most beautiful thing i have ever seen was that of the scene unfolding with things in the correct order becoming a dream the eye of the beholder to the swan that starts with its wings look into the distance of the orange horizon the setting of the autumn shades becoming one tracking behind its tail the silver water trickles in a trail extrapolated to travel path intended for the avian to take on it carries on kicking on the surface of the water into and then up to get this feeling of going on over with bird lung in full flight the black turning dot before the light of its letting becomes undone in a knot

© CuldeSac

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