Of Earth and Windows

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I see your face in the office window As you look outside to see life shining Back at you while your screen flickers I am glad you find the time to turn Your head away from what they feed you To grant yourself a view of the physical Where glass portals lay out the actual And steel pipes are drawn on paper maps X-rays are best taken in huge mazes I love watching your eyes trace Moving and fine things in detail Noticing the designs of the structural Updating us on what is beautiful For the modern day has become a bijou That togs the clues yesterday had shod To be deduced from the change within us But we know that our calendar is bogus Future past present we are all the same It is great fun using our opportunity To take a look at it all as it unfolds Skyscrapers remind me that this is now While they are growing taller it is OK to lay down my head from fighting To find some form of a pillow waiting Here where I find all of my affection Letting it learn from the hardest lesson That to live is to die and vice versa I wish I could tell you what we share Not just the silence but also sight Once you are able to empty yourself out Music makes you stop to understand The reasoning of how in the end It makes no difference in whose hand The world turns in order to send Sweaty palms which have holes missing In either way the world keeps on turning I wonder about what really matters It makes no difference when you live For to the dead it is all the same And since that is my lot it counts For the same like nothing ever will Except for love and how it shatters The doubts I have about it and stills The concern for those who come and go Finding out what life is once you die inside

© CuldeSac


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