Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes. - Confucius

Building Questions

The bitter pill tastes like melancholia It is somber and quiet like outer space You suckle on it rolling it with tongue You are outside sitting on park benches It is a beautiful day having a barbeque Without clear business I can taste it The very flavour where within I start The construction of these deep questions About trivial things that are obvious I see how like in the past I do this In order to fill the silence with noise The question is what are you doing now? In essence you are living this life The most elusive question of them all A thing it is to realize that I am stupid To say that the meaning lies behind The reason you should ask this question This is simply bias in favor of curiosity To find out what is truly happening Just suppose quite the opposite of this You would come to see the emptiness Those who are alive do what the dead do Which is absolutely nothing in pure bliss What would it mean if there was meaning Would either the living or dead find rest If there was something you could point to And say yes and well there it truly is? So one becomes divinely quiet and timeless For you can see how you are already dead Really doing nothing now just as you will then Rendering even the word 'then' as broken

© CuldeSac


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