All the great pleasures in life are silent. - George Clemenceau


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High above in the skies around the world, objects are flying in and out of our reality that have no earthly resonance or standard, but to portend an unnatural plurality. Beams of light shine in the middle of nowhere; synced bright orbs dance under the stars- People are confused, as they are unaware, that the phenomena to strike fear are all ours. Since before Roswell, humans have known, about the crafts, and creatures lying within. What would that do for those on thrones, if such mysteries lacked a useful villain? For decades, situations remain unsolved in the media, and areas are erected with fences, cameras, and threats. All to give dominion to the underrepresented enigma, if you get too close to the truth, you meet a certain death. Secrets abound to those individuals on the outside, while those with clearances and briefings in hand do not wonder about the project for which they preside. The problem has been implemented with a multi-step plan. Blue beam, blue book… all the hues used to cover-up that ‘those in the know’ know far more than they say. Their lips are sealed with government megabucks, leaving enough disinformation to lead taxpayers astray. If the public is uneducated in the technology of now, then how can they argue when their betters push for legislation to limit freedoms and rights avowed? How can people see the conspiratorial ambush? Didn’t I tell you there was a procedure? Nothing is as it seems because our eyes watch for the geometric and linear, when in the darkness, all we see are lies. You can tell because the illusion follows along the dark highways and towns. Most cities are devoid of these hollows, but the countryside is without a sound. Almost like the image needs a black canvas to utilize a split coherent beam of radiation... Who am I to question this ongoing madness through a calculated and analyzed observation? I don’t hold degrees in matters of ufology, or even know how to run a laser light show. Although I do wonder about the psychology of others whose psychosis runs this echo. The display is to use confusion to hack reality. If you believe airplane wings can penetrate through concrete, steel of a twin tower’s anatomy, then your mind is already lost to speculate. That is why illusions can become delusions and little green men haunt us far and wide. Without a compass to steer our conclusions, we have no magnetic north in which to guide. Next time you see something strange, question if what you see is true. It is better to appear a bit deranged, as the facts of the matter you pursue. For all you know, nothing exists in the beyond, as our black operations have reverse engineered, the crafts of the earlier century- and leaves a con to hide what a small group has thus pioneered. Antigravity, zero point energy may be hidden inside a folder, in a cabinet, under lock and key. Far away from prying eyes, the order is given with the excuse and license of National Security. How do you know what you see is real? That the news is telling you the truth? When lights in the sky fly by, it’s surreal- as misinformation leaves answers moot. Here I am telling you this tale, but where, how, why do I know what is happening in this detail? I am just a regular schmoe. Or, could I… would I be in a room, inside a building, behind a fence? There in solitude do I assume a normal looking pretense. That I sit at a desk with a computer, mouse, and keyboard playing a game as the actor, director, and producer, which feeds your reality all the same. This application runs the simulation. You see and react as I float into your town. With this holographic blinking divination, that makes you go into a meltdown. How fear makes you accept the revelation of whatever is told to you by our experts. Listen and concede to the declaration that keeps you glued to the networks. If you seek, you will be forever labeled with the term of conspiracy, we created as a theory named for government to enable free-thinkers to be vilified and deflated. Do you now understand the contest? Knowledge is power, and you are powerless, unless you decode the redacted pages in the press of the declassified scribbles of the dispossessed.

© undawnted


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