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Time Slips By - Oh Dear! - A Sonnet

Time Slips by – Oh Dear! …. – A Sonnet So happy I am, as in the sun I lie, The blackbird sings above as I repose; Nothing he knows of Brexit; it passes him by - In garden so calm; such peace his song bestows. MPs are homeward bound to take their break, Borridge, who mumbles and jumbles, no sense he shows; Indecision – obtuse, so strange, so weak, No change! – now leaves us all - on holiday goes; Truss and Sunak offer no concern For country now deprived of leaders of trust; As Brexit just continues its downward turn - No longer a land of strength and pride robust. The sun still shines on me - and blackbird sings, Who knows the pain and anguish Brexit brings? 8 August 2022 This poem refers to 'Borridge' - the British PM, Borris Johnson, who is leaving the post on September 1. Truss and Sunak are currently fighting it out to impress the members of the Conservative party that one is to be their next leader and prime minister. In the meantime the PM is on holiday and the two contenders appear to have little interest in getting the country back on course. Ah well!!



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