Among twenty snowy mountains, the only moving thing was the eye of the blackbird. - Wallace Stevens

what is normal

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i write to add soul to page with art i grow with rage this world painful ways to get by, yet in a slow pace we move mountains to obtain shade, we gods who fell in shame ancestors burnished from Eden, in torment we came to this reality striking hurtful visions we obtain Of the world so bodily standing in front of defeat. Those who's minds went too far seeking the truth called insane. for our lack of understanding, we put them in chains The mentally unstable are now detained. and we call it normality listen what i write is not justice, nor it is politics maybe religion but not tactics of the cult priest i speak of seeds, generation made believes the truth that blinded you not to see Beyond what your feeble minds can conceive. you speak of abortion as if God does not exist saying it's better the infant be deseased yet you fear for your life to seize what does all this mean we just normal, that's why we are human so you claim don't take this personal, our big deference from animals is how abnormal we regenerate our ignorance to a state that we cannot see beyond tolerance of that which makes us common and criminals who murdered the definition of purity and holiness by defining goodness as nothingness And everything else as blackness. no i am not a racist, just questioning your intelligence Your definition of the normal universe. I believe in darkness, and that is good to me. So call me a rebel, cause that's how far u can see. i am not Satanist nor do i practice black magic i simply want to give u a reason for calling me a black man i am not mad, very happy i am, now is this normal!?

© thuto


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