29 Apr 2022

It’s the attraction of charged particles:
negative and positive swirling around a nucleus. 
Some would call this framework an article 
from an ancient energetic cumulus. 

You are to me as I am to you- 
with a quick ray’s burst of gamma.
Intertwined, and betwixt, a centrifuge
complex, creating a material plasma. 

Feel this magnetic pull as it imparts  
to combine and form a dynamic rampart?  

The electric current of the universe ignites, 
as our spirit molecules dance in the atmosphere.
Vapor wraps around that which incites
and we launch past the ionosphere.    

As our cells dissolve into the cosmos,
we mingle together as one in another 
and we open into the collective conscious-
it’s a breathless feeling like no other. 

We are to you as you are to us- 
We are more than a routine enigma. 
An equation will never be enough
to explain our sentient version of plasma.







A writer at heart, Undawnted's own creative spark, DL Mullan, began writing short stories and poetry before adolescence. Ms. Mullan decided to showcase her literary talents by publishing collections of her poems. She also writes novels, designs...

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