Unknown To Itself

17 Nov 2023

Time rots everything with an allure
See the colors of dry roses hang in
The pregnant bossom of dark clouds

The impression of the effect remains
All things must kneel to the wasting
Yet within it the eternal is also born

And war calls and it must be answered
Stand your man then and come forward
Let us give it a good song to remember

For somber even the moon would grow 
If in the darkness of its mystic night
There was not the clang of metal sounding

Out in the grandness of mighty lore
Bold stories of the wind in hot hair
The beards of man strong in the gale

For what is it worth if not immortal
Against the erosion of dreary Chronos
That is just what is the pinnacle of men

To bellow out the glory of their line
In the face of the hallows of time growl
Lo there is my father and mother gone

To implore the nether a question of heart
To have silence where you expect it
To love it in the tracks of where you stood

For everything washes away in the flood
But what the heart felt shines against it
What it is worth is in the warmth of hands

I say this for what if a thing asks you 
What it is to have limbs and to be human 
But for you to say is that you know not

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What are words without understanding and what is understanding without sense?

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