Steal This, Please

25 Mar 2024

Mental Journey
It only takes one strong infection
Aches and pains at 103,
To make someone wonder
About the world without thee,

You have cracked the unbreakable
Code, but no one believes
What good is the unbelievable,
If it will never be believed.

My thoughts have never been considered
Unless someone could steal from me
Confident words and
Manifesting thoughts
Did little in the end
So while I’m surely okay
I have written this to say
Steal this, please.

Deciphering the protein code

It is known that the DNA and RNA that make up proteins can be used for calculations; and are, in fact, performing a type of calculation with their normal function.  The problem that makes research difficult is that those calculations are in base four and our computers work in binary.  Trying to decipher base four in binary is like trying to translate Navaho into German using English.

I have a plan to use a specifically constructed computer to model a known protein function.  The process will enable the translation of the base four protein code into binary.  Once that Rosetta Stone is written, it will allow for the most accurate computer models possible.  We will finally be truly able to understand protein function. That will allow us to accurately predict adverse side effects.

The procedure is to take a known, simple protein that has a well known function. Build a processor that is a physical mockup of that protein using four binary switches for each base chemical on the DNA/RNA strand.  This group of four switches will have a specific sequence for each of the four base types.  Once the processor is constructed and set to model the selected protein, it will be possible to print a binary code analog for the base four chemical code.  This can be used to program a computer model and test the translation.





Mental Journey

Mental Journey

I am on a journey of the mind. Contemplating the universe on every scale, and doing a complete introspective exploration. I may never be a literary academic, but I share my humble thoughts in hope that they may inspire others.

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